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Servicing and Maintenance

Ensure your air conditioning and refrigeration systems run efficiently, reliably and cost effectively with our bespoke packaged periodic maintenance and repair service.

Periodic preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid costly breakdowns of your air conditioning or refrigeration systems. Tailoring each contract to your precise requirements and schedule we ensure entire systems are operating at maximum efficiency and check for common faults and problems developing. The work ensures minimum downtime and considerable cost savings with most problems spotted early and cheaply repaired rather than more costly large-scale repairs after a breakdown.

Planned preventative maintenance not only saves on costly repairs and emergency call outs it also saves on time wasted to repairs or breakdowns and ensures whatever is meant to be chilled stays that way. Reducing the risk of losing stocks of frozen foods or suffering downtime to servers or industrial machinery because they cannot be kept cool can mean huge cost savings, and can enhance your reputation ensuring you do not end up letting a client down because of problem delays.

Peace of mind insurance against the risk of downtime and breakdowns

Our maintenance and repair services help our clients keep their refrigeration and air conditioning running at maximum efficiency year round and are proven to extend the life of most air-conditioning units. We bespoke tailor maintenance contracts to the requirements of a wide range of businesses throughout London and the Home Counties including Surrey and parts of Kent, Sussex, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Our air conditioning and refrigeration serving and maintenance packages can include;

  • Air conditioning filters checked and cleaned
  • Evaporator and condenser coils cleaned
  • All motors and machinery oiled
  • Condenser and thermostat checks
  • Electrical fitting and controls tests
  • Refrigerant leak checks and repairs
  • Emergency breakdown call out
  • Fault finding and repair services
Whether office air conditioning or industrial refrigeration system the experts at Andersons refrigeration can provide a comprehensive periodic maintenance and servicing package of the highest standard.
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